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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Children

In the last 3 months we have welcomed 3 new children to our home here at GSF. 

Kenny is around 2 years old and his mother can no longer care for him so he has come to live with us. He has cerebal palsy and some learning difficulties and came with some health problems. In the last month he has settled in well, is growing fast and is being much loved by all. He is a happy boy and we look forward to watching him develop in the future. We were recently blessed by an American physiotherapist and a doctor from one of the hospitals in Kampala who came to visit us and have measured all of our special needs children for specialist equipment. They are delivering it this week, all paid for!! Kenny has been measured for a standing frame and a chair. It will be great to see him being able to interact better whilst being properly supported. He has the best smile but sadly I can never get it on camera as he cries whenever a white face comes near him!! 

Little Jeremiah and Baby Ketty Miracle also arrived this month (see previous blog). They are also settling in well and Jeremiah especially is enjoying the fun of living with other little boys his age. The day he arrived I took a bottle of bubbles over to his house so that he could be distracted whilst I did his malaria test. He loved them and I presume from his reaction had never seen them before! Now every time I go to his house he gives me the biggest grin and always makes me weaken - we have gone through a lot of bubbles since that day!! Baby Ketty Miracle is thriving and a joy to cuddle and watch. Thank you to all my supporters for your prayers for this family. The children are doing really well. 


  1. Dear Katie - it is so lovely to see the change in the children since they have been in the Good Shepherd Fold. I am so pleased to hear that little Kenny is getting his standing frame.

    I love the photo of Jeremiah. What a difference to the sad little boy in torn clothes who arrived with you. Is Jeremiah wearing one of Joanne's Aunties hand knitted cardigans? He looks gorgeous.

    I can't belive how quickly baby Ketty has grown. She is looking really alert now and her little cheeks are filling out.

    Thank you for the latest blog. We love to hear all about what you are doing in Uganda. God Bless you, love and hugs Mum x x x

  2. They are doing well aren't they! Yes, it is one of Joanne's aunties cardigans that he is wearing! x